Humane Education Programs

When asked what she most wanted to accomplish through the Wags & Menace Make a Difference Foundation, Cindy Lee responded: “I want to eliminate animal abuse and embrace and heighten animal education around the world.” Education, she believes, is the key to instilling a sense of compassion and empathy in the next generation. To that end; she and CEO Baxter travel to Brownie, Boy, and Girl Scout Troops; Boys and Girls Clubs; and animal shelters with the goal of teaching humans to be more humane.


Grassroots Efforts in Sandwash Basin with "14 Hands Winery"

Today, we are grateful for Diane Smith and her husband Mike, from Dillon Ridge Liquors in Silverthorne, Colorado. Diane is a visitor to Sand Wash Basin who enjoys photographing the horses. Mike, knowing his wife’s love for the horses, came up with an idea of how to help us out with a fundraising campaign. He contacted 14 Hands Winery and arranged for a percentage of the sales of 14 Hands Wine to be donated to SWAT. Diane printed some of her horse photos and hung them around the necks of the bottles. The promotion ran through October, and we are delighted to benefit from their generosity! We would also like to thank Cindy A. Lee of the Wags and Menace Foundation for her generous purchase! Cindy and her foundation help many animals in Colorado and beyond- again we are grateful for the support. And also, we would like to thank those of you who stopped by Dillon Ridge and made a purchase! You all make a difference!