Rescued Wild Mustang Foal Visits Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Little wild mustang foal "Lomasi" was once wild and free somewhere in the deserts of Nevada with her family. One day her family was ripped apart, rounded up and halled off to the Fallon Sale Yard in Nevada where many went to slaughter. Lomasi was saved along with her mother "Music", but came with a price that left permanent damage to Lomasi's head and eye during the roundup.

The permanent damage resulted in blindness in one eye and breathing problems in one of her nostrils. Cindy Lee of the Wags and Menace Make a Difference Foundation stepped in and adopted Lomasi to ensure the best medical care would be provided for the beautiful wild mustang foal. Cindy Lee, along with Lomasi's handler, Shawn Greer delivered Lomasi to Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital´╗┐ to consult with several top specialists concerning Lomasi's injuries.

After many tests and consultations it was determined that Lomasi's injuries would not require surgery. Lomasi and her mother "Music" can now live their lives forever as free wild mustangs at Spirit Wind Horse Rescue´╗┐.