Saved family of mustangs from slaughter and funding all of their medical, feed, and transport to Spirit Wind Horse Rescue.

We would like to introduce you all to our new family of mustangs that will be coming to stay with us at Spirit Wind Horse Rescue from the Virginia Range Horses. These horses were rounded up during separate occasions with many others and sent to the sale barn where they were rescued as opposed to going to slaughter.

We have decided that due to circumstances involving them possibly having to be separated in order to find them permanent homes that we did not want to see this happen. We felt that after all they have endured, they should be allowed to live out their lives as a family within the world that through no fault of their own they have now been thrown into.

None of this would have been possible if it had not been for Cindy A Lee, Baxter and The Wags and Menace Foundation who felt as strongly as us about keeping them together. Thank you to Cindy and her amazing organization for paying for their medical, transport and feed so that they can remain together forever. Cindy has named the little one Wanageeska - White Spirit in Sioux. If it had not been for Cindy and her organization this bonded family would probably have had to been separated never to see each other again. What a tragedy it would have been for them.

We would like to thank the folks from Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection fund for allowing us to adopt them and give them what they so deserve.

Some History:
The Creams are a couple of generations down from Bubba's band. As far as color genetics go, the experts say that they are the product of a double dilute buckskin with roan influence. Each generation got lighter and lighter, starting out as standard buckskins and grullas, then light buckskins, then cream buckskins with black points, then total cream color with each successive generation.

Bubba's chief rival was Sentinel who carried the roan gene. They were known to steal mares from each others' band although after some time the mares would usually find their way back to their original bands.

The 3 crèmes were picked up in Fernley Nevada in Lyon county on or around December 13, 2012. They were sent to the to the Nevada Livestock Auction on January 9, 2013.

The family is a very unique 3 they appear to be creamellos however what they really are are dulited buckskins, well the Sire and the colt are the mare is a very light palomino. They went thru so much terror and trauma at the auction-the young colt was separated from his family and could be heard all thru the auction yard screaming and flinging himself against the panels trying to find them. They were then taken in by a lone sorrel and created there own little band with the sorrel now being their watcher and protector.

This family of 4 are shy and very timid and extremely bonded to each other. The diluted buckskins have been traced back to about 6 generations of Virginia range horses.