Nevada Horse Spencer Saved from Slaughter and Adopted by Cindy Lee

Wags and Menace Make a Difference Foundation is pleased to announce the adoption of Spencer, a sick little wild mustang that was rounded up from the Virginia Range in Nevada. The foundation has covered 100% of his urgent medical care and needs from day one. He has fully recovered from his illnesses and will be free to the wild mustang he was meant to be at Spirit Wind Horse Rescue.

Nevada Horse Lomasi Saved from Slaughter and Adopted by Cindy Lee

Cindy Lee of the Wags and Menace Make a Difference Foundation adopted a wild mustang foal from the Fallon Nevada Kill Auction. Lomasi was saved from slaughter and will now live out her days with her mom, Music at Spirit Horse Rescue, Crawford, Colorado.

The story of Lomasi:
Lomasi has been adopted by Cindy A. Lee, Baxter and the Wags and Menace Make a Difference Foundation. She will always be taken care of for the rest of her life and will remain here with her mom, Music. Cindy and the Wags and Menace Make a Difference Foundation will be covering any medical needs for both mom and baby. We are so grateful to Cindy and her amazing foundation for caring so much about these beautiful wild mustangs. Many were not as lucky as this little girl and her mom, many are somewhere headed to slaughter. One day they were safe and wild and free and then all hell broke loose. Lets take the time to think about those that were not the lucky ones that were saved.

Update as of November 1st, 2013:
Now 6 months old, this little mustang girl sustained brutal injuries to her face, her eye socket was broken and part of the bone that runs down her nose. You will see some of the pictures that she may look deformed, but to me, she is perfect in every way. She is a reminder of why we have to continue to save these beautiful creatures. She now cannot breath properly through the one side of her nose and so Cindy is having x-rays sent to CSU to see if something can be done. Thank you Cindy for all you do for our wild ones. Thank you to Shawn Greer who through patience and consistency trained this little girl to be a trusting young mustang, something if she had been human, considering what she went through is a testimony unto itself. Thank you to Dr. John for being so kind and tender with this young baby who has endured way to much in her short little life.