Wild Mustang Colts Rescued

Last summer there was a mad and frantic dash which included not only many rescue organizations but individuals who raced to the sale barn in Fallon Nevada to save hundreds of unbranded mustangs from slaughter, now known as the Fort McDermott round up. There was much controversy regarding the round up of these wild horses, some being unbranded. Cindy A. Lee worked tirelessly that day saving many mustangs, some of which were quite young and in very bad shape, thank you to her foundation the Wags and Menace Make a Difference Program Foundation and her medical fund she was able to help two very special colts which she later named Mikasi and Taima.

After they were rescued and shipped to a place to recover in California, both colts came up lame, young Mikasi suffered a serious hoof abscess, barely missing his bone. Both he and his shy friend Taima arrived lame and were in desperate need of immediate medical care, which thankfully Cindy was able to insure they got. Cindy fell in love with the two little colts who became inseparable, and so she does what she always does, she adopted the two of them and now that they are healthy they have since been transported and have come to live out the rest of their lives here in Colorado amongst the Spirit Wind Horse Rescue herd.

After a long haul, they arrived safe and sound where they will be able to live out the rest of their lives in peace. Thank you to Cindy for all she does for our wild friends. Welcome little Mikasi and Taima to your new home.